The following services will be customized

to meet your needs…

Social Media Marketing and Management

  • Facebook and Twitter Management: Add targeted followers daily, daily status updates, and interaction with followers/fans.
  • Social Network Setup & Maintenance: Creating social media accounts including but not limited to … Google Buzz, LinkedIn, MySpace, Friendfeed, etc.
  • SEO services: Writing and distribution of articles, link building, directory submission, social bookmarking, creating blog accounts(as needed), blog commenting, etc.
  • Automation: We use the most recent advancements in technology to connect frequently with your prospects. 

Administrative Services

  • Completing daily To-Do tasks: Send us a list of what is needed done for the day, at your convenience. We will prioritize and complete all tasks.
  • Proofreading / Editing / Formatting: All documents are reviewed for proper spelling, grammar, vocabulary and logical flow of ideas.
  • Spreadsheets: We use Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel.
  • Word Processing: Have anything you need typed, spell checked and formatted using Google Documents, Microsoft Word, etc.
  • Reports, Proposals, Quotes: Need help with any one of these all you have to do is ask. One of our assistants will be happy to assist.
  • Catalogs, Manuals & Books: We will go through yours with a fine toothed comb and help you produce one you can be proud of.
  • Ordering necessary office supplies: We will contact your local office supply and order the supplies you need to run your business.

Billing Services

  • Creating and sending invoices to clients: Send us your client list and we will take care of your invoices.
  • Sending payment reminders: Tired of asking your clients to reimburse you for services rendered. We will send reminders as often as you like and keep track of payment.

Project Management

  • Recruitment: Post job, screen and interview applicants.
  • Training: Train team members through use of tutorials, emails, etc. as needed.
  • Managing Virtual Team: We will make sure the job is completed so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
  • Regular Updates: You will be informed as to the progress of the team members.

Time Management

  • Scheduling/confirming appointments: We will schedule both personal and professional appointments with discretion.
  • Regular reminding of important tasks and dates: We will keep you on task with reminder emails, faxes and/or text messages.

Email Management

  • Review email: We go through all your email messages and forward them in order of importance.
  • Sort and delete email messages: Our email boxes are frequently inundated with spam, subscriptions we no longer need, promotions, etc. we will sort through all the mess and create folders to organize the madness.
  • Email newsletters, announcements and broadcasts: Email marketing is a must when promoting yourself on the internet. We can help.
  • Client follow-up and contact: Don’t let that new client slip through your fingers. We will keep contact with your clients so you can close the deal.
  • Set up, Forward, Prioritize: We will create email accounts for you, forward all your emails into one account for easy access and prioritize accordingly (gmail accounts).


  • Internet Research: Choose as many topics as desired and we will search the internet for as much information as you need and summarize it for you. This will save you tons of time.
  • Gather Clips of online articles: Search for clips you can use for reference or to put on your site.

Internet Marketing/Promotion

  • Sending introductory, sales, referral, follow up and other business communications and materials: Generate leads or make the sale through communication.
  • Sending scheduled materials out, as well as, gifts, holiday promos, birthday cards, etc: Keep your clients happy by remembering their birthday or wishing them well during the holiday season and they will remember you when the time comes.
  • Tracking marketing efforts and summarizing the results in a monthly report: Each month you will receive a report of how your website is doing in the Search Engines, on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Telephone Services

  • Retrieve voice mail messages: Once a day we will retrieve your messages and send you an email with messages prioritized. Urgent messages are emailed/texted as soon as received.

**The above-mentioned is just a rough summary of the many skills our VA’s have to offer. If there are any services that you require and are not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us. Our assistants will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

If you are unsure of the services your business requires or how we can grow your business, schedule a Free Consultation below to speak to me personally.


Schedule your 30 min
Complimentary Strategy Session!

During your Strategy Session we will ask you questions and obtain the information needed to formulate a Powerful Action Plan. We will design and develop an action plan customized for your business,  identifying the tools and resources you’ll need to accomplish your goals.


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  1. Mike Jean

    Very interested in your services. Do you have a quote sheet for each and all services described above?

    1. Cathy's Office Services

      Thank you for your interest. I will email you a list of our rates. You are just in time to take advantage of our Holiday Special – 10% off first month for new clients which ends January 1st.

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